“Did the Queen Actually Make That Remark?”

“Did the Queen Actually Make That Remark?”

“The Queen” aka Gerry Connolly took center stage to kick off the thirteenth season of Britain’s Got Talent with a hilarious performance. Introduced with pomp and circumstance, she humorously addressed the audience and judges, poking fun at Simon Cowell and setting the stage for a memorable act.

Starting with a nod to royalty, Connolly delivered her routine with wit and charm, weaving in commentary about the show and its judges. The audience was treated to a blend of humor and satire as she engaged with the panel and entertained with her unique style.

As she concluded her performance, the crowd erupted with laughter and applause, signaling a successful start to the season. Even Simon Cowell, known for his discerning taste, couldn’t help but appreciate the comedic genius on display.

Alesha Dixon praised the performance for its humor and originality, while Simon himself acknowledged the unexpected delight of Connolly’s act. Overall, it was a standout moment that set the tone for the season ahead.

Watch the video of “The Queen’s” performance below to experience the laughter firsthand!

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