“Little Angelica Hale Has Big Dreams, and That’s Okay”

“Little Angelica Hale Has Big Dreams, and That’s Okay”

Listening to the 9-year-old girl sing, you might find yourself agreeing that she stands a good chance of becoming the next Whitney Houston.

However, Angelica’s journey to pursue her passion for singing hasn’t always been smooth. At the tender age of 4, she spent several weeks in the hospital fighting a severe illness. At one point, a priest was summoned to deliver the devastating news to Angelica’s parents that they might have to say their final goodbyes to their child, as her condition seemed dire despite the doctors’ efforts.

But then, miraculously, Angelica defied the odds and made a complete recovery, returning home to her parents. Since that traumatic event, the young girl has been dedicated to honing her singing skills.

Moreover, Angelica has shown remarkable stage presence and talent. You can witness her captivating performance of “Rise Up” on America’s Got Talent.

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