WATCH ‘Britain’s Got Talent’: Witch’s Creepy Act Terrifies Judge Simon Cowell

WATCH ‘Britain’s Got Talent’: Witch’s Creepy Act Terrifies Judge Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell and his fellow judges on “Britain’s Got Talent” have watched hundreds upon hundreds of acts, but it’s safe to say they hadn’t seen anything like The Witch.

In a clip from the latest episode of the U.K. talent showcase, the Witch — a performer wearing extensive prosthetic makeup to resemble the witch in “Snow White” — declares to the judges, “Between the dark and the light, good and evil, which will you choose?”The Witch then hobbles down to the judges’ table and instructs each judge to pull an apple from a sack and take a bite, while Cowell looks on dubiously.

When it’s judge Amanda Holden’s turn, the Witch places one apple in each of her hands, asking her to choose left or right. “Right,” instructs Cowell, leading her to take a bite from the apple in her right hand.“Amanda, you know why they say beauty’s only skin deep? We’re all rotten to core!” says the cackling Witch.

Suddenly, a hand emerges from within the Witch’s robe, clutching the unbitten apple and crushing it, causing an assortment of live worms and insects to spill out all over the desk as the judges look on in horror. The Witch then returns to the stage and promptly vanishes into thin air.“Okay, well, that was horrific,” says Cowell. “And the Witch has turned into a cockroach.”

Despite being completely freaked out by the act, the judges were also impressed, offering four “yes” votes to send the Witch through to the next round.Meanwhile, a theory has emerged among viewers as to the identity of the Witch, with some guessing that beneath the prosthetics is “BGT” co-host Anthony “Ant” McPartlin.

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