13-Year-Old’s ‘Easy On Me’ Blind Audition Turns All 4 Judges

13-Year-Old’s ‘Easy On Me’ Blind Audition Turns All 4 Judges

Singing an Adele song is no small feat, but one teenager’s rendition of “Easy On Me” impressed judges and audiences alike, earning a rare four-chair turn.

Adele, renowned for her powerful and distinctive voice, has set a high bar with her music. However, 13-year-old Toby from Germany rose to the challenge and performed “Easy On Me” on the German talent show, The Voice Kids, which features contestants aged 8 to 14.

The moment Toby started singing, his talent was evident. Within seconds, the first judge turned their chair, recognizing his potential. Shortly after, two more judges followed suit, hitting their buttons in unison. Toby’s confidence grew as he continued to sing, and by the time he reached the 1:15 mark, he had hit some remarkable high notes. Just before he finished, the final judge turned their chair, completing the four-chair turn.

The audience’s reaction was equally enthusiastic, as they clapped, cheered, and gave Toby a standing ovation. The judges, impressed by his performance, showered him with praise and vied to have him on their team. Ultimately, Toby chose the coach who turned their chair first, showing his appreciation for their early recognition of his talent.

This extraordinary audition underscores the message of Psalm 57:7: “My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.” Toby’s dedication and talent shone through, making his performance an unforgettable moment on The Voice Kids.

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