13-Yr-Old Belts Out ‘Hallelujah,’ Gets Standing Ovation from Judges and Fans

13-Yr-Old Belts Out ‘Hallelujah,’ Gets Standing Ovation from Judges and Fans

The Voice has become one of the most beloved talent shows on television, spreading to countries like Australia, Holland, and Germany. One of its unique features is the blind auditions, where judges select contestants based solely on their voice. This video from The Voice Kids UK showcases a remarkable performance that you have to see to believe.

Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” is a timeless classic, beloved worldwide. Although it wasn’t an instant hit, it gained immense popularity after Jeff Buckley’s cover, inspiring countless artists to try their own versions. However, the performance by 13-year-old Riccardo Atherton on The Voice Kids stands out.

Riccardo, with the voice of an angel, chose to sing “Hallelujah” for his audition. From the moment he started, the judges were captivated. His stunning rendition prompted all three judges to hit their buzzers, earning him a standing ovation.

Riccardo was ecstatic, and his family couldn’t contain their joy. With such an incredible voice, he has a bright future ahead. Watch his full performance below and share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook!

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