14-Year-Old Leaves Audience in Awe with Stunning Rendition of R&B Classic

14-Year-Old Leaves Audience in Awe with Stunning Rendition of R&B Classic

A 14-year-old singer amazed the audience and judges alike with a breathtaking performance of an R&B classic, showcasing talent and stage presence far beyond her years. “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” originally recorded by Etta James in 1962, has become a staple in the soul and R&B genres. The song has been covered by many artists, including Christina Aguilera, who famously incorporated it into her hit “Lady Marmalade” in 2001.

For her audition on Canada’s Got Talent, 14-year-old Maya Gamzu chose to perform Christina’s rendition of the song, displaying her remarkable vocal prowess. Originally from Israel, Maya moved to Toronto, Canada, in 2018 and began her journey as a singer. Despite facing significant challenges, such as hiding from bombs in her homeland, Maya’s passion for singing remained strong, encouraged by her father, who is also a singer.

From the moment Maya starts singing, it’s evident she has an extraordinary gift. The judges are visibly stunned, struggling to reconcile her mature voice with her young age. Maya’s performance is imbued with a sense of wisdom and depth beyond her years, captivating the audience with every note.

Her flawless rendition keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, building anticipation with sustained notes before delivering a powerful climax. It’s a performance that leaves a lasting impression, earning Maya well-deserved recognition and praise.

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