17-Year-Old Mia Morris Astonishes with Original One-Woman Band Audition

17-Year-Old Mia Morris Astonishes with Original One-Woman Band Audition

On the America’s Got Talent stage, 17-year-old Mia Morris showcased a remarkable and unexpected gift: her prowess as a multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from Indiana, Mia’s true passion lies in percussion.

Despite coming from a non-musical background, Mia’s parents quickly recognized her talent at a young age. She began playing the drums at just 10 years old, even studying under renowned drummer Wade Parrish. Recognizing her potential, her family moved to Nashville to nurture her talent.

In an interview, Mia revealed that her father was the first to notice her love for drums and bought her a drum set. Mia’s musical tastes lean heavily towards rock, a genre she finds particularly enjoyable to play on the drums.

Mia is not only a skilled musician but also a self-sufficient artist. She writes, performs, plays instruments, mixes, records, and produces all her own music, maintaining her creative freedom by not being tied to any label or producer. Her creative process takes place in a small studio in her basement, where she draws inspiration from a solid set of female friends.

Her audition captivated the judges, who referred to her as a prodigy, praising her potent energy and heartfelt performance. Mia’s talent has also attracted a significant online following, with over 50k YouTube subscribers and more than 24k Instagram followers. There, she shares her music, mashups, live performances, and interacts with fans.

Mia Morris undoubtedly has a bright future ahead, having already earned the admiration and respect of millions of spectators.

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