Absolutely identical triplets, already 7 years old, are marveling at how handsome they have grown.

Absolutely identical triplets, already 7 years old, are marveling at how handsome they have grown.

Seven years ago, these incredible babies were born, a stunning surprise for their future parents who were already raising a three-year-old daughter at the time. The news of the arrival of identical triplets astounded not only the parents but also scientists worldwide, as such occurrences are statistically rare, happening only once in every 200 million births!

Instantly becoming sensations, the triplets captured the attention of TV shows, magazines, and newspapers worldwide. Witnessing the public’s insatiable interest in their children, the parents decided to launch a blog showcasing the delightful chaos of their large family’s everyday life. Initially a platform for sharing experiences, the blog eventually became a lucrative venture through partnerships with children’s clothing and toy brands.

Today, the seven-year-old celebrities eagerly pose for the camera in their latest outfits, never failing to surprise their followers. Interestingly, even their mother initially struggled to distinguish between Roman, Roan, and Rocco, but with time, she learned to tell them apart. Each boy has a distinct personality: Roman is the natural leader, serious and responsible; Roan is thoughtful and meticulous, carefully weighing his options before acting; while Rocco is a bundle of energy, always seeking new adventures.

The boys look up to their older sister, who serves as their authoritative caregiver. Now attending school, their teachers face the challenge of distinguishing between three identical children who often dress alike.

Remarkably, the parents of the triplets have been separated for some time. Exhausted from the demands of caring for three infants, the father decided to live separately, ultimately leading to divorce. Despite this, the mother bears no ill will towards her ex-husband and has taken on the task of raising their three children single-handedly, without expecting any assistance from him.

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