After My Mother-in-Law’s Passing: Uncovering a Family Secret

After My Mother-in-Law’s Passing: Uncovering a Family Secret

Since the day her mother-in-law passed away, a neighbor from the first floor came to Irina’s apartment. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that this woman was simply unbearable in communication. Irina knew that between her and the deceased mother-in-law about 5 years ago ran a black cat, and they have not spoken since then.

But that day the neighbor behaved emphatically polite, even smiled, although it was given to her extremely hard. – Hello, Irusik,” she sang a nightingale from the doorway. – Can I come in? – Of course, come in, – nodded Irina. – Why didn’t you come yesterday? It was 40 days.

They were remembering my mother-in-law. – Oh, I couldn’t. So was busy… – began the neighbor, although Irina knew perfectly well that this woman has long been retired, and it is unlikely that she had so much work. And her children do not visit her at all. – You wanted to know something? – Yes, I did. Your mother-in-law and I were talking about something the other day. She was in her 80s at the time. I asked her: “Tell me, how did you manage to live to such an age? And not get sick once? -How not once?

– Irina was surprised. – She was sick … -Come on. A couple of times sneezes, temperature rises a little – and that’s it. So: I asked her directly and asked her, maybe you have a special recipe? Everybody wants to live a long time. You know what your mother-in-law told me? – I have no idea.-She said: “When I’m gone, go to my Irinka and she’ll show you this recipe. I have it written down. And now I’m not going to show you anything. – Did she just say that about me? That I have something to give you? – Yes. So don’t be sneaky, Irinka. I want to live a long life too.

– I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to give you. – I’m waiting for a prescription – the neighbor said sternly. – I don’t know any prescription. And she never told me anything about you. – Well, look for it. Maybe there are some notes in her papers: what she ate, what she drank.

– Listen! – Irina couldn’t take it anymore. – Don’t you think my mother-in-law was just kidding? Just, she was kind to everyone was, so she lived so long. – You shameless! – the neighbor blushed with anger. – Are you also calling me unkind?

– What are you doing here? Come into someone else’s house and shake your rights? Let’s go here! – Irina stepped forward. – I won’t give you anything. And if you’re disruptive, I’ll call the police. -Okay, God will punish you for this! Irina could not come to her senses for half an hour. And when she calmed down, took out an album of photos and began to look at those photos.

And suddenly she noticed that almost all the photos on the back were signed by her mother-in-law’s hand. And they all had the same passage on them. “Your love, my children, keeps me safe. You are my earthly angels.”

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