Children’s Choir Brings Judges to Tears with Queen Cover, Earning Golden Buzzer

Children’s Choir Brings Judges to Tears with Queen Cover, Earning Golden Buzzer

Every performer dreams of playing to large audiences, receiving a warm reception, and gaining global recognition. However, mustering the courage to perform on such a stage is a different matter entirely. Many shy away from such opportunities, and even those who try may not succeed.

Fortunately, a children’s choir performing in front of Simon Cowell and the other judges on “Britain’s Got Talent” defied the odds. Despite their modest appearance, these primary school students delivered an unforgettable performance.

The power of Queen’s song “Don’t Stop Me Now” is undeniable, known as one of the most inspiring songs of the 20th century. Freddie Mercury’s vocal prowess in this song captivates listeners, making it a challenging piece to perform.

However, the children’s choir was undeterred. They took the stage with infectious enthusiasm, causing both the judges and audience to laugh and cheer at their rendition of the iconic song. Remarkably, these young performers showed no signs of anxiety or stress. Instead, they executed their performance with confidence and energy.

Their rendition was so impactful that it moved the judges to tears. Judge David Walliams was so impressed that he hit the Golden Buzzer, sending the choir straight through to the next round.

This performance marked the first time the Golden Buzzer was awarded during “Britain’s Got Talent” 2018, making a significant statement about the choir’s talent.

Watch their heartwarming performance in the video below:

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