In a Family of Ten Boys, a Girl is Born: Parents Refuse to Believe

In a Family of Ten Boys, a Girl is Born: Parents Refuse to Believe

A few years back, the Brett family welcomed a boy into their midst, naming him Rotagaid. He became the tenth child in the family, marking the arrival of their tenth boy. His mother, Alexis Brett, thereby attained the distinction of being the sole British woman to have ten consecutive boys. But that’s not the end of their story.

More recently, a little princess made her appearance in this expansive family, christened Cameron. With ten boys spanning ages from two to seventeen, along with the addition of a girl, the Brett family decided to halt their journey of expanding their brood. Alexis’ final pregnancy wasn’t part of their plans, yet they chose not to intervene.

The family patriarch works as a train driver, a prestigious occupation in their British locale. However, this status doesn’t afford them full child support benefits, adding to the challenges of raising such a large family.

Alexis’s daily routine unfolds with her husband’s departure for work around 5:30 in the morning. After seeing him off, she indulges in a cup of coffee and a quick shower. As the children start to stir, the day’s chores commence. Remarkably, the household laundry machine runs a staggering 49 times a week, while vacuuming becomes a ritual performed seven times daily. Despite this demanding schedule, Alexis plans to seek employment as a part-time fitness instructor.

With eleven children now under their roof, Alexis believes their family unit is finally complete. The brothers, in the presence of their younger sister, exhibit a gentler demeanor, displaying a protective instinct and eagerly lending a hand in caring for her.

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