Matthew Perry’s Last Revelation: The Truth About Jennifer Aniston

Matthew Perry’s Last Revelation: The Truth About Jennifer Aniston

Through his iconic role as Chandler Bing, the late actor Matthew Perry brought joy to millions worldwide. However, despite making many laugh, he struggled with his own battles, particularly with addiction.

In his memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, released last year, Perry spoke candidly about his addiction struggles. Among other revelations, he shared some truths about his co-star Jennifer Aniston.

Perry was found unresponsive in the hot tub of his LA home recently, with the exact cause of his death still under investigation.

Born in 1969 to a Canadian mother and an American father, Perry made his film debut in the 1988 film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, alongside the late River Phoenix. He also appeared in shows like Growing Pains, Sydney with Valerie Bertinelli, and Beverly Hills, 90210.

His breakthrough came with the role of Chandler Bing in Friends, which he played from 1994 to 2004. Throughout his career, Perry starred in films like the 1997 romcom Fools Rush In with Salma Hayek and the The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel with Bruce Willis.

However, as his fame grew with Friends, Perry began struggling with alcohol abuse.

“I could handle it, kind of. But by the time I was 34, I was really entrenched in a lot of trouble,” Perry confessed. “But there were years that I was sober during that time. Season 9 was the year that I was sober the whole way through. And guess which season I got nominated for best actor? I was like, ‘That should tell me something.’”

In 2018, Perry faced a severe health scare when he was hospitalized for a gastrointestinal perforation, resulting in a two-week coma and a five-month hospital stay.

“The doctors told my family that I had a two percent chance to live,” Perry shared. “I was put on a thing called an ECMO machine, which does all the breathing for your heart and your lungs. And that’s called a Hail Mary. No one survives that.”

Perry admitted that his Friends castmates knew about his addiction and supported him both on and off the screen. “It’s like penguins. Penguins, in nature, when one is sick, or when one is very injured, the other penguins surround it and prop it up. They walk around it until that penguin can walk on its own. That’s kind of what the cast did for me,” he explained.

Among his co-stars, Jennifer Aniston stood out as a steadfast supporter. She maintained close contact with Perry during his highs and lows.

“She was the one that reached out the most,” he revealed in an October 2022 interview with Diane Sawyer. “You know, I’m really grateful to her for that.”

Aniston was also the first to confront Perry about his drinking problems. “Jennifer, she says, ‘We know you’re drinking,’” Sawyer said, referencing Perry’s book.

“Yeah, imagine how scary a moment that was,” Perry responded.

Following his tragic passing, fans paid tribute by leaving flowers outside the Friends apartment facade in West Village, Manhattan.

Perry’s family released a heartfelt statement: “Matthew brought so much joy to the world, both as an actor and a friend. You all meant so much to him and we appreciate the tremendous outpouring of love.”

The actor’s passing has drawn tributes from fans, colleagues, producers, and other celebrities.

Rest in Peace, Matthew Perry.

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