Nervous Teen Breaks Down in Tears on Stage Before Simon’s Final Decision

Nervous Teen Breaks Down in Tears on Stage Before Simon’s Final Decision

No matter which show he is on, everyone knows that judge Simon Cowell is the harshest critic. He expresses his thoughts and opinions to contestants without hesitation, even if it may hurt their feelings. This, however, is what makes him such a good judge. He never gives undeserved praise or compliments, so when he does, you know it’s genuine and true.

Simon’s team was reduced to six contestants for ‘The X Factor UK’ 6 Chair Challenge. He had to limit the talent to only six people. Before the auditions ended, there was only one contestant left, and he had already chosen his final six. The final contestant would have to outperform the current finalists in order to make the final six.

Olivia Garcia, sixteen, was under this kind of pressure when she took the stage for her audition. Olivia was clearly nervous, and her voice was trembling as she introduced herself. Despite the fact that she was the final contestant, she was determined not to go down without a fight. Olivia chose to sing Paloma Faith’s “Changing” for her audition.

The young singer received a standing ovation from the audience, which brought her to tears. Her performance received high praise from the judges. Olivia deserved a spot in Simon’s final six, according to judge Nicole Scherzinger.

“Right now, Olivia, you’re about to make my life very difficult because I have to give you a chair,” Simon said when it was his turn to speak. “That was fantastic.”

Ultimately, Simon decided to give Olivia a seat, recognizing her exceptional talent and potential. This decision not only validated Olivia’s hard work and determination but also highlighted Simon’s ability to recognize true talent, even under intense pressure.

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