“Remarkable Surprise: Family Welcomes Three Sets of Twins on the Same Day”

“Remarkable Surprise: Family Welcomes Three Sets of Twins on the Same Day”

In the journey of parenthood, challenges often intertwine with unexpected blessings, as seen in the story of the Kozinski family. Kerry and Craig’s path to parenthood took unforeseen turns, ultimately leading them to embrace the joy of raising three sets of twins.

Their journey began in 2013 when an acquaintance approached them with an offer to adopt her child. Little did they know that this decision would mark the beginning of their remarkable story. The couple eagerly welcomed Adalyn and Kenna into their lives on February 28, 2014, discovering the boundless love that comes with parenthood.

A year later, another twist of fate unfolded as the same acquaintance reached out once more. Struggling to provide adequate care for her existing twins born in 2013, she entrusted Jay-Jay and C-C into Kerry and Craig’s loving arms, adding to their growing family.


In 2016, Kerry’s own journey to motherhood took a surprising turn with the assistance of artificial insemination. Against the odds, she gave birth to twins, Clarissa and Caralline, on the very same date—February 28. While some may view this coincidence as planned, Kerry adamantly clarifies that the premature births were not intentional, each weighing a mere 725 grams.


Though their path to parenthood was unconventional, Kerry and Craig had always envisioned expanding their family through adoption, a dream they cherished long before fertility struggles arose. Today, as they navigate the paperwork process to finalize their adoptions, they wholeheartedly embrace their roles as parents to their beloved children.


Looking ahead, the Kozinski family remains open to the possibility of more children, with Craig expressing a desire for a balance of genders. Whether fate brings them more bundles of joy in the future, one thing remains certain—this family’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of unexpected blessings.

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