The judges were moved to tears and pressed the “Golden Buzzer” when a children’s choir performed “Queen.”

The judges were moved to tears and pressed the “Golden Buzzer” when a children’s choir performed “Queen.”

Every performer dreams of gracing grand stages, captivating audiences, and garnering worldwide acclaim. However, summoning the courage to pursue these dreams is an entirely different challenge.

Many may never even attempt it, and those who do face the daunting uncertainty of whether their efforts will suffice.

Fortunately, this was not the case for a small children’s choir who had the opportunity to perform before Simon Cowell and the other judges. Despite their youthful appearance, these elementary school pupils delivered a performance that will be etched in their memories forever.

The power of Queen’s iconic song “Don’t Stop Me Now” is undeniable. It stands as one of the most electrifying songs of the 20th century, showcasing Freddie Mercury’s vocal prowess and captivating any listener who hears it.

Undoubtedly, singing such a song is no easy feat. However, these youngsters were undeterred. They took to the stage with infectious enthusiasm, eliciting laughter from both the judges and the audience with their rendition of the iconic anthem.

Moreover, the children displayed remarkable composure and confidence, a commendable feat given their tender age. Each member of the choir performed their part with assurance and fervor.

Their performance left a lasting impression, earning them both Simon Cowell’s critical appraisal and the coveted Golden Buzzer from judge David Williams. Their achievement of being the first to receive the ‘Golden Buzzer’ at Britain’s Got Talent 2018 was undoubtedly a testament to their talent and dedication.

Witness their remarkable performance in the video below:

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