Upon learning of my intentions to draft a will, my children suddenly found time for their own mother.

Upon learning of my intentions to draft a will, my children suddenly found time for their own mother.

I’ve lived a long and fulfilling life, raising two children alongside my late husband. However, circumstances have left me living alone. My husband, who was once the head of one of the largest factories in the district, ensured that we lived comfortably. He spared no expense in providing our children with homes, overseeing repairs, and furnishing their apartments. When he fell ill, we initially relied on our savings for treatment. But as the medical bills piled up, we turned to our children for assistance. Our eldest son provided the necessary funds but made it clear that he couldn’t offer more. He suggested we seek help from our daughter.

Gratefully, I accepted his help, though I couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment that our children, whom we had always supported, were not more forthcoming in their assistance to their father. I refrained from seeking help from my daughter due to her husband’s stringent financial approach. Instead, we received support from my husband’s friends and colleagues, who generously contributed each month. Though my husband eventually recovered, his health issues persisted. Faced with this reality, he transferred all his assets to me, expressing his desire that I retain control over our possessions.

After his passing, I made several attempts to reconnect with our children, but it became evident that my presence did not bring them joy. During this challenging period, my neighbor, Galina, emerged as a steadfast source of support. Despite hailing from a large family herself, she consistently made time to check in on me, provide care when I was unwell, and even purchase medication on my behalf. Moved by her kindness, I decided to rewrite my will, leaving our apartment, car, and small cottage to Galina as a token of my immense gratitude.

When my children learned of my decision, they reacted with anger and accusations of greed. Despite their outburst, I stood firm in my resolve. Their priorities were clear, and it was evident that they were more concerned about inheritance than their own mother. And so, I found myself alone, save for the unwavering support of a neighbor who had shown me the true meaning of compassion and care.

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