I did not tell my second husband that I had another apartment. I soon realized that I had done the right thing

I did not tell my second husband that I had another apartment. I soon realized that I had done the right thing

When my daughter was barely three years old, my husband Vitaly and I divorced: the reason was his infidelity. However, both Vitaly and his mother did not forget about their daughter and granddaughter. Then my ex-husband got married and went abroad with his wife. He had a son there. Together with his new wife, Vitaly started a business and was quite successful. When his daughter Katya grew up, his father invited her to visit him.

The daughter liked it there very much, so she stayed there. Her mother-in-law bequeathed the apartment to Katya. After her death, the apartment went to her daughter. But since Katya was living abroad, she allowed me to rent it out. The daughter told me to keep the money I got from it. Katya offered me many times to move in with her, but I always refused: I just didn’t want to. I had a good job, and when I started renting out my apartment, I had enough money for everything. I could even save for my own needs.

On top of that, I knew how to manage money properly, and I didn’t waste it on pacifiers. One day I met a man. We liked each other and started dating. Sasha worked at a good job where he received a normal salary, but he never had any money. The thing was that he didn’t know how to save money and very often made purchases on impulse and fleeting desire.

That’s why even after the wedding I didn’t tell my new husband that I had another apartment to rent. I also kept silent about the fact that I had a fairly decent amount of money that I had accumulated over the years. One day my husband’s son came to us and asked us for money.

He decided to buy himself a car, but he lacked 250 thousand. Naturally, my new husband did not have that kind of money. I said that I didn’t have it either. A month later, my cousin called me. She had an emergency: her daughter had fallen ill, and she needed money for an operation. She asked me for money, and I gave her the necessary amount.

When Sasha found out about it, he made a scene and started yelling at me: – “So that’s how it is! You didn’t give my son any money! And you immediately found such a large sum for your sister. But we are one family now!”

Oleksandr shouted. “At first I tried to explain something to him, but he wouldn’t listen to anything. He was very angry with me, packed his things and left. After a while, we divorced. Sasha is now helping to pay off a loan to his son, who bought a car by taking the missing amount from the bank. I believe that this is his personal business.

I think I did the right thing. It was my money, and I had every right to give it to whomever I saw fit. And let Oleksandr’s son solve his financial problems on his own.




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